Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week in Photos #3

So as well as doing my usual Instagram post, I'm going to combine all the other pictures that I didn't get a chance to upload to Instagram whilst I was at Bognor Regis over the week and I've also split it all up into bite size pieces for you all :)

 NOTD in Peony || Lush's Angel Delight || Leopard cardigan = <3 || The polar bear from the Birds Eye Advert || Just arrived at Bognor Regis Station

Doing a Crossword || I can see the sea! || My bedroom at Grandpa's || The view from my window || One of the best cereals EVER!

Sunn! || Statues ontop of a Restaurant || The pier || One of my favourite shops - The Paperback Exchange || A milkshake from Shake & Bake - I had a curly wurly one and it wasn't that great :(

 Hotdog & Chips for Lunch || The sea! || Walking behind the beach huts || A big fancy hotel || Playing Rummikub with the family

 Sudocreme in a tube?! || All the books I got || Reply from an author :D || Tesco's is still selling Haribo Christmas Mix /:

How was your week?
Did you get upto anything exciting?


  1. Looks like you had a fab week - a good pile of books you picked up too! x

    1. I sure did :) Yup! Already read one.. Now onto another :D x