Thursday, 24 May 2012

My 18th Birthday Celebrations Part One

 So yesterday, I celebrated my 18th - well in fact, the rest of the week I'm celebrating it but still.
I did pretty much everything an 18 year old could do.. Apart from vote and join the forces.
So here is a little picture heavy post about what I got up to yesterday.

 And lastly, I dedicate this to my Great Grandparents; Frank and Alice
I love you two dearly and I miss you both muchly.
But I know that you will both be looking out for me always and that you are both in my heart.
I'm always thinking about you two and I wish you were both here.
God bless.

I shall be posting both my birthday presents & haul/s tomorrow as I'm feeling rather sleepy atm.


  1. awww happy birthday :D and wooo you got a Kindle! I got mines at Christmas & Im totally in love haha xxx

    1. Thanksyou! Yup! I was totally not expecting to get one - maybe my constant "Dad, can I borrow your Kindle for America please?" drove him to buy me one lol. I'm in love with mine too! I'm looking for a nice cover though for it - any suggestions! xxx

    2. they are amazing arent they <3 try ebay love! Decent quality and much cheaper than from Amazon xxx

    3. Found so many nice ones! Thanksyou! xxx

  2. The tattoos look lovely! And I love the necklace you got. You should review the kindle you know! Hope you had a lovely birthday xo

    1. Awh, thanksyou! Who knew that Dads had a good taste in jewellery ;) Once I've got a hand of it, I shall do a review just for you :) xo