Monday, 28 May 2012

Superdrug BB Cream: Medium

After my first BB Cream (Read all about it here) I decided that I wanted to try another one.
Whilst mooching around the Superdrug website, I noticed that they had brought out their own BB cream and I was determined to get my hands on it. Luckily, the Superdrug in Lincoln was stocking it so I picked it up from there.


The first thing I noticed about this is how kid-like professional it looks - I like the fact that it's Superdrug's own packaging but more standout-ish like? If that makes any kind of sense!

Another thing that is a bonus, is that you're getting 50ml for the price instead of 30ml like a few other BB creams. Which works out rather well.

 Superdrug's BB Cream comes in two shades: Light and Medium which is rather limited for people who have much darker skin.

Superdrug states that their BB Cream is scientifically formulated with a unique combination of skin nourshing ingredients and mineral pigments. Superdrug BB Cream imparts a light, creamy coverage which effectively conceals imperfections, boosts radiance and smoothes the complexion. With SPF 15, it helps to protect against sun damage and premature skin ageing whilst also providing 24 hour hydration.

It also has three active ingredients.
Vitamin C - a potent antioxidant with brightening and illuminating properties for a natural, radiant glow.
Hyaluronic Acid - an exceptional moisturiser, which helps to boost skin's firmness and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Caffeine - refreshes the complexion through its ability to energise and stimulate the skin.

When I applied it, it did look a little orange coming out of the tube. And it looked orange again when rubbing it into my skin. but it doesn't look that bad when fully mixed in on my hand. It sort of gave my skin a nice healthy, glowing tan which I liked. However when I tried this out on my face, I disliked it immediately! It is far too orange! It's more Umpa Lumpa Orange than Medium as it states.
I disagree with this product when it says that it conceals imperfections as it does not conceal all of my imperfections - only the teeny tiny ones that do not bother me unlike scars and spots which does bother me.
It does however enhance your skin tone/boost radiance/smoothes the complexion as my skin did look as if it was glowing.. Unless that was the sun hitting the umpa lumpa-ness on my hand.
Overall, I really disliked this product. However I will try this out again when I had more of a tan as it might look better then. Until then, it's staying in my foundation drawer. 

Have you tried this BB Cream?
What's your thoughts about it?


  1. I can't deny it - This gave me a right giggle! At least I know to stay clear ;) Told you, No7 :P xo

    1. Re-reading it now.. It too gave me a giggle :) If I see it on thursday whilst I'm out in town, I'll buy it IF I have enough money for it :) xo