Sunday, 27 May 2012

My 18th Birthday Celebrations Part Three

In a way, I'm sad that it's no longer my birthday week but in a way, I'm glad that things can go back to normal.
Because I am pooped - I'm so tired!

So on friday night, myself and my best friend for 16 years had a pamper night.
We both had face masks on, I gave her a foot rub and watched girly movies and chatted until 1 in the morning.
Oh, and we were also drinking my first bottle of alcohol that was gifted to me from good old Posh Lady.. Nice pink Rose ;)

All of Saturday, we spent it sunbathing and we both caught the sun (yay!)
We decided to head it at about 4ish to start getting ready - yes, a whole three hours before we had to leave because we had to do our nails and such.

I changed my hair so many times before we went out purely because of how awkward it is.. I found a way that I liked it - eventually! Excuse my face in this!

We all then headed to Gary Cooper's and I was getting all prepared to be ID'd and it didn't frigging happen - again! Oh, and this drink is to die for! I can definitely see myself drinking this all throughout summer.

We then headed onto a club and this is what it looked like at just after half 9 - empty. And I have quite a funny story about this as well..
There was this one time, at band camp... Posh Lady had said on thursday that she had definitely booked the table. Unforunately, she couldn't make it last night due to her little one being in and out of hospital (Get better soon!) so when we walked into this club (Myself, Liam, L, Katy and B) it was empty. So we thought, well we better get to our table. Looked at the three VIP tables - one of them was for a girl, another for a guy and the third was available to be booked. I was like wth! So this guy approached us and said Have you booked a table to which I replied to yes. He then asked what's the table under and I gave him a few names of what it could be under. He then left. A few minutes later, this lady came over and said "Unforunately, we cannot find your booking reference anywhere - however we can give you this table along with table service" So we gladly accepted and started getting the drinks in. Now, when I hear table service.. I expect the whole click your fingers and somebody appears. Sadly, that's not the case :(

My first three shots - Bubblegum, Quick Cookie and Toblerone. I liked Bubblegum the most :)

So overall, I had about 5 shots and two normal drinks. I did not get wasted/shit faced/wankered/ship wrecked pissed, I remained sober-ish. Left at midnight with Liam and fell asleep about 1ish.

And that's the last of my birthday celebrations.
I may post what L + Posh Lady + Special K and Nick got me either tomorrow or tuesday.

I hope you've all had a really good weekend and I hope you've all been busy tanning yourself!

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