Friday, 4 May 2012

MUA Primer

MUA Primer; RRP £4

After reading the lovely Aimee's review on this, I thought that I had better buy it and try it for myself. I bought this and a few other pieces in one of my many superdrug visits (See haul here).

The packaging it just like all the other MUA products - it's simple, basic and tells you exactly what it is. It states "A velvety smooth fomula that feels light on your skin and creates a flawless even complexion. Wear alone or under foundation for a long-last finish. For £4 you get 27ml - I'm just wondering why they couldn't give you 30ml instead of it being an odd number?

When I took off the lid and started squeezing out the primer, the little white cap? thing inside literally flew out at me which I wasn't expecting. Luckily, it didn't hit me or anything but I just didn't expect it to easily fly out like that.

In my opinion, this primer is exactly like a moisturiser (I'm not a beauty savvie btw!) or it seems to do the same job as a moisturiser except it smells floral when you first start applying it and the scent starts to fade after a while. It's an odd consistency - it's a tad runny but it does leave your skin feeling velvety (which it doesn't claim to do!)

Overall, this product does some of what it says but I would not agree that it "flawlessly evens out complexion" but it does definitely make my make up last longer. And for £4, I cannot complain any more! I will definitely be on the look out for some other cheap primers.

Have you tried out this primer?
Have you found any other cheap drug store primers?


  1. You have great blog! : ) I'll watch you! : )

  2. I love 17's Photo flawless primer, Mine run out last week though :'[

    1. You'll have to stock up then ;) Is it any good?

  3. Try Rimmels new primer, its really good! I have a review on my beauty blog :) xx

    1. I shall check that out and most probably buy it when payday comes around :) xx

  4. I've just ordered some of this. Waiting for it to arrive. I'm not patient.