Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Favourites

So this month, I have no where near as many favourites as I did back in April (Read my April Favourites post here) as my favourite products have changed quite a bit since then.

From L-R

Avon Foot Works Heel Softening Cream
I honestly think I have inherited my dad's feet as they're so dry and hard. So this product surely has been working wonders on my feet - just a little goes a long way and in a few hours, my heels feel a lot softer. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who has dry, hard heels!

Sudocreme Skin Care Cream
All my life, I thought Sudocreme came in a huge tub - turns out they now do it in tubes! Which is just perfect for popping into your bag on your travels. This product has saved my life, well my skin. As I recently got sunburned whilst I was up/down in Bognor and it helped calm it down. I've been using it for anything and everything - from spots to dry skin. It's heaven in a tube.

Now before you get any dirty ideas - I would just like to point out that I've been using this only for my tattoo's as the ingredients in it help the tattoo/s heal quicker. So I've literally been slathering this on both my feet and I have noticed a difference. I also prefer it in this little tub than in a tin because it's easier to open.

Africa Bronzing Powder by W7
So I recently received this for my birthday but I honestly don't know what I've done without it in my life. It's just perfect for giving my skin a nice healthy glow on my cheeks and it also comes with the softest brush ever that works wonders with this product!

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rose Petal
This is my new favourite lipstick (for now!) It's such a nice, natural looking colour which just gives my lips a little pop of colour. The one thing that I like about this lipstick is that it doesn't draw attention to my lips which I'm often worried about when I apply lipstick.

Technic Nail Varnish in Carnvial 
Okay, so I did just recently buy this but I can't help but include this in this months favourites. It's perfect for when I want to vajazzle my nails and I can't wait to try new combinations with this nail varnish.

What are your May favourites?


  1. Loving peeking into people's favorite products, thanks for posting! :)

    xx Veronica

  2. Good pick of products here! And I agree, Avons foot cream is amazing! And did you know sudocreme now comes in teeny little pots? I got one last month! xxx

    The Style Monster

    1. Sudocreme in teeny little pots?! Oh my goodness! I need to get myself a pot when I finish up this tube xxx

  3. When I left home my mum made me take a tub of vaseline as its so versatile.


    1. It sure is so versatile! Except I can only use mine on my tattoos as I've contaminated it :( xxx

  4. Some great favourites, the lipsticks were in my favourites too. I can't get over how great they are for so little! :)

    1. I loved your favourites post! Same here - I'm tempted to stock up on them as guaranteed I'll use them up soon x