Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mini Natural Collection Haul

After getting my pay slip yesterday and hitting my £500 target for my holiday with Liam - I decided to go celebrate and spend a small amount on makeup.

I like going to Boots purely because of Natural Collection - most of my lipsticks are Natural Collection, not because of the price but because of the pigmentation as well.

I had a small little list of things that I wanted to buy/try and I stuck with it!

As much as I adore blushers, I often find myself skipping it in my beauty routine and instead opting for a bronzer but after reading glowing reviews about both blushers, I decided to pick them both up and try them for myself
I also could not resist a new lipstick, enough said!


I love that this has such a cute name! When I looked on other people's blogs, it honestly looked like such a nice colour. When I swatched it in store, it was perfect! But after just swatching it just now.. It's literally blends in with my skin tone and doesn't stand out so much. However, I'm sure it will stand out when I apply a few layers of this blush. 

PEACH MELBA; RRP £1.99 (OR 3 FOR £5)

I'm so glad that I managed to pick this beauty up especially when it was the last one in stock! It is ideally the perfect peach shade which is neither too dark nor too reddish which works the best for me. It only requires the one or two applications in order to get enough colour which is perfect.

ROSE PETAL; RRP £1.99 (OR 3 FOR £5)

This is my new favourite lipstick atm! It is a light peachy, corally, nudey pink colour which on some people may drain them out whereas on others, it gives them a slight pop of colour which looks natural but beautiful at the same time. I just love the way it looks - it's perfect for everyday use or for nights when you're going out but are wanting a neutral look.

There may be another Natural Collection haul in a few days.. As I have quite a few shades of lipsticks that I'm wanting to get which sadly, this boots did not stock :(

Have you tried any of the above products?


  1. I've never tried any of their lipsticks but I think I'll need to get one, hardly going to break the bank if I don't like it lol! I'm just scared that it'll dry my lips out... I think I had that pink cloud blusher (or something similar) but gave it to my friend, it was a bit meh! xx

    1. :) I also put a light lip balm on before I apply one of my many NC lipsticks and it always lasts a little longer and my lips dont dry out. Well, if it was Pink Cloud that you had, then I do agree with you.. It it a bit meh xx

  2. I adore their lipsticks after recently trying, need to try the blushes next!

    1. You definitely should! I recommend both the blushes/blushers that I bought in this haul :) x

  3. I used to use Natural Collection make up when I was in my teens and have never used it since. I may try one of their lipsticks though :) xo

  4. I adore that shade of lipstick, I'm on my last pennies I might have to sacrafice and just get it.

    Daisie x


    1. You definitely should! It's such a nice shade xx

  5. Ive awarded you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! :)

  6. P.s I picked up those two very blushes because of this :P