Friday, 10 January 2014

Anosmic Soaps Lip Balms

For Christmas, I received a gift bag jam packed with goodies from Anosmic Soaps which are a local company that make a variety of products including soaps, bath bombs, hand creams and lip balms which are all made using no animal fat or extracts. Being a fan of lip balms, I was delighted to see that I was given two of their lip balms, one of Red Berries and the other in Citrus which I've been using almost on a daily basis ever since I received them.

As these lip balms are made from completely natural products, I was expecting them to not to perform as well as some of my favourites but I've been thoroughly surprised. They're both light in consistency and glide onto the lips easily leaving the lips looking very glossy. My personal favourite of the two is Red Berries as it smells like artificial strawberry bubble gum unlike what its name suggest whereas Citrus smells ever so faintly of Lime Starburst which makes me crave them just by writing this. The real question though however is do they compare to other lip balms in the moisturising stakes? And the answer to that is yes. I find that they make my lips feel very soft and moisturised once I've applied them which and sticks round even hours after applying them. I personally prefer using these at night as they're so moisturising so I like to pack them on before bed and when I wake up in the morning, my lips feel very moisturised and I can still just about feel them on my lips which is a big bonus.

UPDATE 24/1/13 - I've noticed that their website appears to no longer work and I hope that this doesn't mean that they've shut up shop for good. I'll keep this post updated once it's back up and running, hopefully.

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