Monday, 20 January 2014

Colgate Plax Sensitive Mouthwash

In a quest to get my sensitive teeth feeling not quite as sensitive, I've decided to overcome my fears of mouthwash to accompany my swanky new electric toothbrush. When I was younger, I tried Listerine which to me is far too strong and leaves a disgusting taste in the mouth which has resulted in me becoming wary of trying mouthwashes in fear that they would be too strong. I decided to get the Colgate Plax Sensitive as firstly it's pink and more importantly it was created especially for those with sensitive teeth. It claims to kill up to 99.9% of germs and delivers a noticeable fresh breath. After the first use, it forms a protective shield which neutralises the harmful effects of bacteria and plaque for twelve hours.

Whilst it being pink does add a positive, it's actually the taste of it which I quite enjoy. It's a rather sweet yet fresh minty taste at the same time which leaves the mouth feeling clean for hours after using it. It doesn't alter the taste of any food/drink eaten after using it which is a real bonus as sometimes I hate the minty taste that you can get whilst eating after brushing your teeth. I haven't noticed any sensitivity to cold drinks/cold foods yet whilst using this so I do definitely think that it's doing the job. I do have a downside to this and it is how long it lasts for. It's a 500ml bottle and you pour it out into the cap up to the 20ml line which means that one bottle lasts for almost two weeks when you do the math. Whilst I don't mind paying out for it so frequently as the results are definitely worth it, it does add up to a lot in the long run. I guess I will have to stockpile it whenever it is reduced..

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