Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nivea Diamond Touch Shower Cream Oil

Shower gel is one of lifes' basic products which is up there with toothpaste, deodorant and socks where in most cases you pay for what you get. As I like to keep the basic essentials costs down and get things if possible when they're on special offer, the Nivea Diamond Touch Shower Cream Oil was definitely no exception especially when I got change back from £1 back in August last year.

The Nivea Diamond Touch Shower Cream Oil is a cream oil formula that creates a serious amount of rich, creamy foam which mixed with water which leaves the skin irrestibly soft and nourished. It is enriched with diamond shimmer which creates the appearance of glistening, healthy skin which is what I'm sure everybody is after. My personal favourite bit of this shower gel is not only the cost but the scent. It has extracts of white calla lily which smells so feminine and lingers on the skin hours after you've used it. It's definitely one of those products that has wowed me despite being so simple and I would definitely repurchase once I've gotten through my stock pile of shower gels which I have seemed to have accumulated quite a fair bit over the festive period.


  1. LOVE Nivea, great scents and lovely to wash with. Lovely blog and great post. mwha http://makeupwithkimmy.blogspot.co.uk/ xx