Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

On my most recent Lush trip, recent meaning back in February, I picked up a few new goodies to try including their Blackberry Bath Bomb. I think I was in one of my dazes as I don't remember the real reason as to why I picked this up especially when it doesn't smell much of anything unlike most of their other products.

Lush's Blackberry Bath Bomb is one of those bath bombs that the minute you drop into the bath, all tension and stress is banished which is down to it containing bergamot and frankincense oils. Bergamot is used primarily for anxiety, depression and nervous tension which can also be both uplifting and relaxing. Frankincense on the other hand is perfect for zen like moments as it helps slow down breathing and induces a sense of wellbeing.

I wasn't really expecting much from this but I was taken back the minute I dropped it into my bath as it immediately started turning the bath water bright purple whilst it started to fizz away. After a few moments, I noticed something hidden in the middle of it which was simply a piece of paper saying BOOM BOOM which definitely put a smile on my face. Whilst it was busy fizzing away, I couldn't help but feel rather relaxed and I felt as if all my worries had vanished completely which is definitely down to the bergamot and frankincense oils.
Overall, this is definitely one of those bath bombs to use when you need a moment of peace and a break from the world and is one that I will be picking up again when I'm feeling a sudden urge to step back into Lush.

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