Friday, 16 May 2014

May Love Me Beauty Box


Despite being new to the whole beauty box subscription thing, I do love receiving a little box of goodies at the end of the month as it's like Christmas as you don't know what's inside (unless like me you look at the spoilers). Whilst I do like Birchbox, I couldn't resist subscribing to another in the form of Love Me Beauty. Love Me Beauty offer three different editions, all slightly varying from one another, which all contain beauty/lifestyle offerings. For May, I chose Edition 3 purely based on the lip balm.

Raw Skincare is a brand that I've been wanting to try out for a long time now so I'm glad that I saw their Rescue Me Natural Lipbalm (£2.98 - Raw Skincare) being included in edition three. This balm will not only help moisturise, soothe and calm sore dry lips but it will form a protective barrier so that your lips can heal. I don't suffer with overly dry lips but I love lip balms and have them dotted around the house in various places.

Like many bloggers, I love painting my nails so the Nail Girls Nail Varnish in Nude Pink (£13.50 - Nail Girls) is a welcome surprise. I have many different shades of pink and I'm pretty sure I have one similar but none the less, it is a nice shade of pink which would look great with a tan.

As I love pampering myself, I was excited to see the Suti Trial Pack in Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm and Fabulous Foot Balm (£6.50 - Suti) which has been on my wishlist for quite a long. The Cleanse Balm helps draw out impurities whilst the Purity Balm soothes the skin and the Fabulous Foot Balm nourishes the feet. These are the perfect trial sized samples that should last a little while.

I'm not too much of a stationary person like others but I do love a good notebook or three so seeing the Go Stationery Pocket Notebook Set in Meadow Bird (£5 - GO Stationery) which are the perfect handbag sized notebooks to jot down any thoughts/ideas/products to buy. I just wish they were lined as I hate writing on paper that isn't lined..

The final product that I'm not too keen about are the Tea Pigs Tea in Super Fruit (65p per tea bag - Tea Pigs). As a kid, I wasn't introduced to tea/coffee as they were considered an adult only drink so I have never tried it and thus when I do, I don't like it. This Tea Pigs Super Fruit offering may sway my mind as these are filled with antioxidants which helps when you're feeling slow and lifeless.

Whilst I'm not overly keen on May's Love Me Beauty Box as I would have much preferred more beauty items, it was still a nice surprise none the less. Hopefully next months will be slightly better..

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