Saturday, 24 May 2014

Samples Ive Used Up 011

I've used up four one use samples of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II which I've started using in the run up to America which I'll continue using whilst I'm out there as I have loads of these little one use satchets. It's quite a weird consistency as it's in between an oil and a serum which my skin seems to drink up almost instantly. I haven't noticed any huge differences with my skin whilst using this but I'm sure I'll start seeing a difference soon. I'm planning on buying the 100ml size of this regardless whilst I'm at duty free which hopefully I'll have in my possession by the time that this post goes up.

I've finished up a tiny tube of the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment which I loved that much, I've already bought it in the full size! This has definitely helped clear up any spots I've had and has helped make my skin clearer. It appears that they're in the process of renaming it to either Clearing Moisturiser or keeping the original name as it seems to have a different name on various websites. I've used up a tube of the Lancome Genifique Youth Activator which I'm not entirely sure what it does apart from the fact that its aimed to those with more mature skin. It's a gel, oil like consistency that you apply both morning and night after you've cleansed. I haven't noticed any change in my skin but I shall continue using as I've got more of these in my stash.

I've used up a tube of the Sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser which is aimed to normal/combination skin. I only got one use out of this and just from that one use, I knew that it wasn't anything special. It didnt leave my skin feeling like I thoroughly cleansed it so I wont be buying in full size. I've finished a tube of the Sk:n Anti-Ageing Neck Firming Cream which I really liked using! I managed to get about four days worth of use from this tiny tube which is very impressive! This is very light on the skin which my skin on my neck seemed to drink up. It left the area feeling very soft and moisturised and I'm tempted to buy it in full size once I've used up more of my samples of this but it does seem a little pricey..

I've used up a sample of Lush's Cosmetic Lad which even though it's aimed to men, women can use it as well. I felt this was a little heavy for my skin and made it feel rather greasy after each use. I didn't notice any difference in my skin the morning after so I won't be buying in full size. Lastly, I've finished up a generous sized sample of the No7 Eye Make-Up Remover which I already have in full size. I wouldn't say that it does a brilliant job at removing all eye makeup but it does remove the bulk of it.

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