Saturday, 28 June 2014

America Haul 003

This is the last post of my America Hauling as I'm only really sharing snippets of what I've bought whilst I was out there. If you're wanting to get your hands on some American Makeup, my giveaway is still live where you can win a few items featured above and more!

I am no stranger to eos lip balms and I really regretted only buying two when I was out there last time so this time around, I've come back with quite a lot more and I picked up Tangerine, Blueberry and Strawberry which are all very moisturising and smell good enough to eat! The Maybelline Colour Elixirs is something that recently launched over in the States which hopefully should be making its way over in the UK soon so I couldn't resist picking up three shades in Breathtaking Apricot, Fuchsia Flourish and Petal Plush which are shades perfect for Summer.

It appears that I picked up quite a fair few nail varnishes as on the exchange rate, they work out a lot cheaper which probably explains a lot. I bought three of the new Revlon Scented Nail Varnishes in Pink Pineapple, China Flower and Apricot Nectar. I'm pretty sure that these are just a gimmicky product but none the less, they do look rather cute all lined up next to each other! I also bought China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy which is a neon orange and OPI's You're Such A Budapest as they've both been on my wishlist for such a long time.

I've been experimenting with eyeshadow prior to leaving for America which would explain why I bought a L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Endless Pearl which I'm hoping will be the perfect brow highlight as it's a subtle pearl shade. I also bought a Wet n Wild Trio in Walking On Eggshells which is a hyped up blogger favourite for being one of the drugstore eyeshadow products to have. I'm hoping that I will love this just as much as everybody else! I noticed that my local Walgreens were selling Jordanna products so I picked up two of their mascaras; Best Lash Extreme Volumizing and Best Lash Extreme Lengthening both in the shade black. I'm hoping that these two combined will give me falsh lash effect lashes.

The Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer has been on my wishlist for quite some time so I'm finally glad that I've finally got my mitts on it! It's a heavy duty concealer that has high coverage which I'm hoping will cover up my dark circles. Sadly I got it in a shade too light for my skintone but I will find a way to make it work. It also came with a free little pencil which conceals little imperfections. On my second to last day in America, I had a big blow out with what little money I had left so I bought the Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup in Light after seeing it in many TV ads. This apparently transforms to my ideal shade so I'm looking forward to seeing if what it claims is true.

As I suffer with dark circles, I decided to buy the Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream which is a product in particular that we can't get yet in the UK. I'm hoping that this will helps with my dark circles as they're not quite as bad as what I make them out to be just they annoy me as I can't easily cover them up. The last item I picked up is a repurchase in the form of Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream which I love applying right before bed on my cuticles as it smells exactly like fresh lemons!

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