Friday, 6 June 2014

Real Techniques Sam's Picks

Long time readers will know that I'm a huge fan of Real Techniques especially their Buffing Brush and Miracle Complexion Makeup Sponge. I received my first brushes almost two years ago and with using them on a daily basis, they're starting to look a little worse for wear. So I was very excited to receive the Real Techniques Sam's Picks Brush Set for Christmas which I've been putting to the test over the past few months.

The Real Techniques Sam's Picks is essential a brush set containing Sam's favourite brushes. She's made sure that there is a variety of brushes and this set literally contains every brush you could need if you were just starting out. The set contains six full size brushes with one of them being a set exclusive which includes the infamous Buffing Brush, Multi-Task brush, Setting Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Fine Liner Brush and the set exclusive brush, Essential Crease Brush.

The Multi Task Brush is a large fluffy, slightly fanned out brush that has been created with the intended use being powder whether it's for blush, bronzer or setting powder. I personally like using it with bronzer as I find the unique shape of it somehow helps with contouring despite it being somewhat flat.

The Setting Brush is a small yet very well sized tapered brush which has many uses including applying powder to the under eye area, contouring and highlighting. I first started using this originally for applying powder under my eyes but have since started using it with powder highlighter as I find it applies the right amount for when I'm wanting a more highlighted look than normal.

The Buffing Brush is infamous across the blogging world for being the brush to use for foundation. It honestly makes buffing in foundation like a dream and helps to blend everything in ensuring that you have an airbrushed finish. I use this primarily for when I'm wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear by itself as I find that it helps buff everything in with ease. I also use it on occasions when I've been a little heavy handed as it prevents any cakeyness whilst not altering the finish. I'm so glad that I've now got two of these brushes as my first is looking a little beaten up.
The Pointed Foundation Brush is one of those brushes that I would deem too small to be a foundation brush unless using it to touch up the base whilst on the go as other wise the small, flat paintbrush style brush would honestly take forever to cover an entire face. I haven't yet found a use for this brush but I have heard that it's brilliant for applying concealer under the eyes or to help cover up blemishes.

The Essential Crease Brush is essentially the perfect brush for blending out any eyeshadow. As it features a tapered head, it allows for precision and control whilst being ultra soft which is very important especially when using in such a delicate area. Apparently this is very similar to MAC's 224 brush although I wouldn't know as I don't and will not ever own a MAC brush.

Finally, the last brush is the Fine Liner Brush which is a small, firm yet soft brush that really holds its shape when it comes to drawing lines of any thickness. As I much prefer using liquid liners with a felt tip style applicator, I haven't found a use for this brush yet but I'm sure this brush will be the answer to your prayers if applying liner isn't your strong point.

Whilst this brush set may seem pricey to some, it is most definitely worth it as you're getting six brushes which you can use for a wide variety of things. Whilst I haven't found uses for all the brushes and have only been using one or two on a daily basis recently, I couldn't imagine applying my makeup without these brushes especially the Multi-Task Brush! If you're a big lover of Real Techniques then I would most definitely recommend this!

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