Friday, 20 June 2014

June Love Me Beauty Box


I've been eagerly awaiting June's Love Me Beauty Box as I selected which edition I wanted the minute the boutique was open (the joys of being on a different timezone at the time) As each edition is slightly different, I decided to go ahead with edition 3 as it contains items that I would get a lot of use out of. Unlike last months, June's love Me Beauty contains all beauty products which I'm definitely excited about.

Urban Veda is a brand I've heard little about so I was excited to see a generous sized sample of their Daily Purifying Facial Wash. They're an all natural skincare brand with no hidden nasties that pride themselves on being as eco-friendly as possible. The Daily Purifying Facial Wash is aimed to those with oil-prone skin as it mattifies the skin whilst refining pores and treating blackheads. Sadly as I don't have oily skin, this will be getting passed onto a work colleague as she will benefit more from it than me.

I absolutely love painting my nails so I squealed when I saw a NYX Nail Varnish in Hieroglyphics as it's the perfect holographic nail varnish which I will be using a lot when it's getting closer to Christmas. NYX is a brand that is slowly making it's way into the UK and can be purchased both online and in Next so I'm glad that I can finally say that I own something from them. Sadly this particular shade doesn't appear to be stocked on the UK website.

I am no stranger to applying face masks so the Montagne Jeunesse Hot Spring Sauna Face Mask is a welcome addition. It's a one use mask that is self heating upon application and helps to open up pores for a deep cleanse whilst exfoliating upon removal which leaves the skin refreshed and clean. I haven't actually used this particular face mask and as it contains volcanic spring powder and ginger, I'm looking forward to applying it when I have some time to pamper myself.

Many people take a lot of time perfecting their brows, myself included, so I was excited to see the BeautyUK High Brow All In One Brow Definition Kit in my box. I've used a similar product before by MUA but found it to be far too reddish toned for my liking. The BeautyUK offering however looks as if they're true to colour so I can't wait to start using this. It contains three brow shades with a wax and comes with precision tweezers and a double ended brush to apply.

The final product in my box is the Model Co Eye Define Eye Pencil in Black. This claims to glide on effortlessly and be long lasting so I'm hoping that it is as my current black kohl eye pencil seems to smudge within hours of applying.

I'm glad that they've made June's box more beauty focused as there is more variety of products to use which I much prefer. Hopefully Love Me Beauty carry this on for July's box..

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