Friday, 12 September 2014

Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life

I'm slowly starting to make my way through my moutain of beauty products that I've built up over the past few months and have decided that I don't need to buy anymore until 2016. As I've already tried a few of Soap & Glory's body exfoliators including Flake Away and The Breakfast Scrub, I've decided to dig out their The Scrub Of Your Life and give it a whirl.

The Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life (£7) is by far one of Soap & Glorys' cheaper bathing products unless you count their vast amount of miniatures. It claims that you'll know it's "the one" when once rough elbows go suddenly silky, dry shins become suspiciously shimmery, the bumps are gone through the backs of your arms and you start to believe that scrub can conquer all. It comes housed in a squeezy pink tube which is both easy to use and more shower friendly as there is no mess nor any unscrewing of the lids which we all know is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Unlike the others in their body exfoliator line up, I found myself going through this at a fast rate as a little doesn't go a long way which is definitely the case with the others that I've tried from them. I noticed that this is no where near as exfoliating as I would like it to be and although it did help with the bumps on the backs of my arms, it didn't help reduce the amount of them nor did it help get rid of them entirely. Overall, I was disappointed whilst using this as I believe it should be marketed more as an exfoliating shower gel rather than a body exfoliator as it is too gentle on the skin to notice a difference. With that being said however, it was still a nice product to use regardless and I would consider buying it again in the future although I would use it more as a shower gel.

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