Friday, 1 May 2015

April Favourites

April has been one of those months where my skincare has taken a back seat in the sense that I haven't been cleansing my face as much as I'd care to admit and as a result, my skin hasn't broken out but instead it has become rather dull. So to counteract that, I've been upping the radiance stakes and dug out an old favourite whilst experimenting more with my eye makeup.

For the second month running, Hydraluron has well and truly been pushed aside to make way for Lacura Aqua-Complete Multi Intensive Serum. Despite it being exactly the same as it's more expensive counterpart, there is just something about its watery goodness that makes my skin feel and look more hydrated. I'm actually nearly all out of my bottle so a repurchase is definitely on the cards!

I've definitely found my signature eye look which is a combination of two key shades from the No7 Mini Eye Palette which sadly can no longer be purchased. I love applying the two well loved shades on the top row as a base with the chocolatey brown shade in the corner on the bottom row in the crease. These three shades together truly make the perfect smokey eye which I just cannot get enough of! In order to apply my crease colour, I've been using a pointed eyeshadow brush from eBay which blends the colour out seamlessly so that there are no harsh lines. I've washed it a dozen times and I've had no shedding which for the price, is a definite bargain!

I've been reaching for an old favourite to help create the appearance of more radiant, highlighted skin which has been the No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter. It's a big chubby stick crayon that you simply draw onto the skin and then blend out using either your fingers or brushes. I prefer to apply this before applying foundation and apply it again after applying foundation which helps achieve the desired look that I'm after.

The last product that I've been loving thoroughout April has been my beloved MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup which one of my blogging friends, Jessie, bought for me back in 2012 which was my first ever MAC lipstick. Creme Cup is one of those pale pink shades that just seems to suit everone and finishes any makeup look. It has become one of my go to lipsticks as of late and is one that I will definitely be repurchasing in the next few weeks!

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