Sunday, 3 May 2015

Carino Miracle Oil

As much as I love washing my hair, I love applying products to my hair a lot more. As my hair is naturally straight and dry, I tend to use really nourishing and hydrating products which I often use in conjunction with each other to get my hair as hydrated as possible. I always use a hair oil after every time I've washed my hair and recently I've been reaching for the Carino Miracle Oil which I actually bought last year as it takes me forever to finish up a hair oil.

The Carino Miracle Oil (£3.99) is a multi-use product that is suitable for all hair types. As it's enriched with argan oil, it will help strengthen, smooth and hydrate hair whilst adding an unbeatable shine. It will also help improve the overall condition of the hair with continued use by preventing split ends and breakage.

I've been using this oil since the start of the year and I like to apply a generous amount to the palm of my hair before rubbing my hands together and running my fingers through my hair, concentrating on the mid-lengths down. Since I've started using this, I do believe that the overall condition of my hair has improved as my hair definitely looks smoother and shinier without quite as much frizz. For the price, you seriously cannot beat it so it's definitely an oil to try! Unforunately, Aldi only sell this a few times a year so it's worth popping in every few weeks or so to see if they've got any in stock.

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