Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lush Haul 001

Lush is one of those shops that I always walk past but never have the time to properly explore inside. I used to be obsessed with their products but these days, I much prefer a simple bubble bath. However, I couldn't resist popping in my local store on Sunday whilst I was doing some last minute shopping and came out laden with goodies a few minutes later. 

I picked up a Fizzbanger Ballistic which is inspired by Roald Dahl's BFG. It smells of delicious apples and cinnamon and it apparently creates the effect of a catherine wheel in the bath whilst it's doing its thing. I picked up a Blackberry Bathbomb purely because it smells exactly like blackberrys! This is meant to be one of those bath bombs that will uplift your spirits on days where you're rushed off your feet and can't think straight which I will definitely be having soon seeing as I work in retail. I couldn't resist the little guy in the form of Bombardino as he smells exactly like freshly made eggnog despite having never tried it myself. David, the sales assistant, mentioned that this is a very moisturising bath bomb as it contains cocoa butter and with the days getting extremely cold now, this little guy will come in handy for sure!

Another bath bomb I picked up is Cinders which evokes the feeling of being beside a crackling fire with a cheeky glass of warm fruit punch. This is one of Lush's bath bombs that is supposed to bring comfort at Christmas so I'm hoping that this will do the trick especially after a busy day at work. I picked up one of their infamous Ickle Baby Bots which I will definitely be using on Christmas Eve! This contains lots of sleep-inducing essential oils which helps you drift off quickly which I always struggle with as my brain always tend to over think things. I couldn't resist the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar which is a mixture of both the Rock Star soap and the Creamy Candy bubble bar. This smells really strongly of vanilla to me which I absolutely love! You can get roughly five bubble baths worth out of this so it's very good value for money!

I decided to pick up a Popcorn Lip Scrub as I want to look after my lips more and prevent them from getting chapped from these cold winter days. This smells and tastes exactly like buttered popcorn which may not be to everybodys tastes but to me, it sure does make me smile every time I use it. I also thought it would be rude not to pick up their Charity Pot Sample which is a hand and body lotion. It smells really strongly of cocoa butter so it should be really moisturising on the skin. I received a little sample pot of their Let The Good Times Roll Face Cleanser which helps to gently exfoliate the skin whilst cleansing and moisturising the skin at the same time. David gave me a little demonstration of this and all you do is add a little water to make a paste which you apply all over the face. I'm yet to try this but I'm hoping that it will be love at first use!

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