Tuesday, 17 December 2013

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

There is nothing I love more than applying a little highlighter to the tops of my cheeks to make myself look that little bit radiant and glowy. I've been using the same highlighter for the past year and a half which whilst I do still love it, I've been getting a little bored of it so when I had some of those infamous No7 vouchers in my purse, I couldn't help but pursue their items. I came across their Instant Radiance Highlighter which sadly is limited edition and won't be around for much longer.

The No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter is a wind up cream stick which is rather similar to a cream blush. Whilst it may be small and a little chubby, it is definitely one of those no fuss products that you can simply sweep and blend until your hearts content. The idea is that a little goes a long way so you sweep it gently across your cheek and brow bones and blend it in slightly to give an instant radiant glow. What draw me to this is the beautiful candlelit ivory/champagne colour it gives which doesn't contain any chunky glitter in the formula at all. I tend to switch between blending with my fingers and with the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Contour Blush as I find that both methods give the same results. I personally find that when I apply this after I've applied bronzer, I do need to blend and reapply a few times until I'm satisfied with it as it just disappears whereas when I apply it before bronzer, I only have to do a few sweeps and blend. I find that this lasts on my skin pretty much all day but I would definitely have to admit that it does start to fade after five-ish hours. I'm sure that for those with different skin types to mine, the lasting power will be different as I have dry skin. 

This has been the only highlighter I've been using since I purchased it a little over two weeks ago as I seriously love how radiant it looks on the skin. Whilst I have purchased a back up for it in my most recent Boots Haul, I think I might buy one or two more as I do really love it and I don't fancy running out of it any time soon.


  1. This looks so nice, definitely going to have to buy it soon! I've just done a review of the No7 instant radiance blush palette if you want to check that out. I'm now following you :) Lovely blog!


    1. You definitely should buy it as you won't regret it! :) xo