Thursday, 19 December 2013

Primark Haul 001

Primark is one of those shops that I only venture in every so often as I find it to be a little too crazy in there for my liking as there are always so many people in there barging about. Recently, I've found myself popping in there pretty much every single day for the past fortnight purely to get my mitts on the festive bedding that everybody seems to have at the moment. Despite each trip being a failure, I can't help but find myself buying a few little pieces to help cheer me up hence why both pictures have been taken on different days.

On the first trip, I bought the gorgeous throw which has been featured as the backdrop in all my posts recently. It was rather pricey at £10 but I see it as a investment as it's been keeping me warm throughout the night and it matches my bedroom theme quite nicely. The other thing I bought on the first trip is a Vanilla & Coconut Creme Candle which smells so yummy! I haven't brought myself round to burning it yet as it looks rather good on my bedside table but for £2.50, I can't grumble!

On my latest trip, I bought a pair of their black ponte skinny leggings/jeggings for £12  which I've been wearing non stop! They're made from quite a thick material and have a nice seam pattern running down the leg which I couldn't resist. I also bought some of their £1 underwear which you can never go wrong along with their standard 5 pair of black socks pack for £2. I also bought some more essentials of the form of black hair bands for £1 as I seem to be running out of them constantly. I couldn't resist their festive pj bottoms which have little robins on them and at only £5, I think I might get the navy pair as well! The last item I picked up is a two pack of their fluffy socks for £2 - one being red and the other being navy with white stars on them. I wear fluffy socks all year round despite the weather so I go through them like crazy.

Have you picked up anything recently from Primark?

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