Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Water

It's no secret that I suffer with blemishes and I'm sure that like many people, you would try absolutely anything to get rid of them. After researching various products, I came across the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Water which due to it's antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it makes the perfect toner to use especially when suffering with a lot of blemishes. After using this for a number of months now, I thought I better share my two cents on it.

The Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Water (£4.25 for 100g/£7.95 for 250g) is one of Lush's more popular toners due to it containing tea tree which we all know is a natural blemish buster. It also contains grapefuit which whilst is rich in vitamins, it also acts as a light astringent on the skin whilst the added bonus of juniperberry helps keep the skin clean and clear. 

I mainly use this toner every evening after cleansing my face as the scent of it is rather soothing. I simply spritz it a few times across my face and go in with a cotton wool pad afterwards to remove any excess. I've noticed that since using this, any troublesome blemishes I have appear reduced after only a few days and I no longer seem to suffer with a lot of redness on my cheeks. If I were to only use this both morning and night then I would get greater results long term, however the beauty blogger within me likes to have a different toner both morning and night. If I'm ever in the market for a new toner then I will definitely be repurchasing this especially when I'm suffering with a lot of blemishes.

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