Sunday, 12 October 2014

Original Source Lime Shower Gel

I'm forever finding myself buying shower gels for Liam as he has a habit of using them as both a shower gel and a shampoo and squeezes out far too much for one use. I've tried many times to get him to use a seperate shampoo for his hair but to my dispair, he would much rather settle with a shower gel as apparently it makes his hair feel softer. So on a recent shopping trip, I found myself buying quite a few shower gels including a cheeky one for me which I technically didn't need in the form of Original Source Shower Gel in Lime which is forever on offer.

The Original Source Shower Gel in Lime (£2.30 normally when not on offer) is one of their more overpowering and enriching shower gels. As it smells like freshly sliced limes, it really wakes you up first in the morning with it's zingy, empowering scent. Just like with the rest of their lineup, the formula lathers up really well which leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. As the scent is quite string, I've found that this lingers on the skin for a while which may not be ideal if you prefer to apply a body lotion straight away after washing. As these are always forever on offer, I will definitely be repurchasing this as well as trying out a few new scents.

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