Monday, 19 January 2015

L'Oreal Fibrology Shampoo & Conditioner

As I'm currently trying to embrace my new year beauty resolutions when it comes to spending less and using more, I've been slowly whittling down my haircare stash into a much more manageable affair. One duo that I've been using recently is the L'Oreal Fibrology which I bought at the beginning of last year when it first launched.

The L'Oreal Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner (£3.99 each) have been specially formulated to penetrate and instantly expand the hair to provide up to 80% more body and bounce to create the appearance of thicker hair, with a cumulative long lasting effect. Essentially after a few washes using the duo continuously, the hair will feel thicker for longer as the innovative filloxane will remain in the hair.

From the first use, my hair instantly felt thicker and fuller which I was rather surprised about as my hair can be as flat as a pancake after washing. I noticed that after drying and styling, my hair had incredible volume and it felt as if my hair had texture despite only spraying in leave in conditioner and heat defence. Even after a few more washes still continuing with using the same duo, my hair felt so thick! Almost as if I had extentions in just without the hassle of applying them. Even my hairdressed commented on how much thicker my hair felt and how much longer it was despite abusing my hair daily with heat. Overall, this is a brilliant duo which definitely lives up to its claims and is one that I will definitely be repurchasing.

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