Saturday, 3 January 2015

My 2015 Beauty Resolutions

Thoroughout 2014, I purchased more than my fair share of beauty products and instead of using my new products, I stuck to what I know and adore and only occasionally ventured out of my comfort zone. For 2015, I want to change all that and step out of my comfort zone completely. I want to truly embrace what I have already in my stash and stop spending money on products on things that I may already have. In order to do this, I'm setting my self a few 2015 beauty resolutions..

1. Stop spending money on products that I already have lots of/don't entirely need.
As somebody who currently has backups of backups, I shouldn't really be needing to spend money on products that I already have lots of/don't entirely need/have something similar already.

2. Use up more.
This goes hand in hand with number one - If I stop spending money on products that I already have and instead concentrate using up those products then I will eventually get through my huge stash of products.

3. Embrace a brighter lip colour.
I have a ton of brightly coloured lipsticks yet I stick to my neutral safe zone of pale pinks and nudes. I need to start be more daring with my makeup as I might just find a brightly coloured lipstick which I feel really comfortable with wearing.

4. Stick to what I know.
I swapped and changed a lot of my skincare products throughout 2014 which resulted in plenty of breakouts. This time around, I want to have a skincare routine that will not only work wonders for my skin but will make me stick to it.

5. Buy more clothes!
I spent so much money on makeup last year that I rather neglected the clothes sides of things. I want to start spending my money on clothes that will go hand in hand with my new found obsession with a brighter lip colour.

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  1. I need to make 1 & 5 my beauty resolutions, I always spend money on makeup I hardly use! X