Sunday, 7 December 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Monochrome

I will never understand how fellow beauty bloggers can through a billion cans of dry shampoo a month as they must literally coat every strand of hair in order to use up an entire can. I personally don't use it very often and reserve it for those times when my hair truly needs it which is mainly either on third day hair or for some volume on a night out. 

My dry shampoo of choice lately has been Batiste in Monochrome (£2.99) which is a rather striking and spicy scent which is probably down to the odd combination of orange blossom and pepper. I like to spritz it a few times over my head before massaging it in with my fingers and then brushing it out which results in an instant hair refresh with a subtle scent. On third day hair, I find that it doesn't remove all traces of oil/grease but it does make my hair look a lot cleaner than what it did whilst making it manageable whereas when using it for a night out, it gives volume that lasts for a few hours. Overall, I quite like this dry shampoo and will definitely be trying more from the Batiste range.

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