Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Yankee Candle Wax Tart in Merry Marshmallow

As I'm now working full time, I don't have as much time to myself as I used to as I'm forever dashing off to places. However for those times when I have some time to myself, my guilty pleasure is melting a yankee candle wax tart as it fills up the room with a beautiful fragrance which lingers after the candle has long since died out.

The wax tart that I've been burning recently is Merry Marshmallow (£2.48 or 10 for £11.95) which smells strongly of marshmallows and vanilla which definitely brings out the kid at heart! This is one of their more sickly scents so I tend to melt it for a few hours and then blow out the candle as the scent truly does linger around for the rest of the day. I much prefer a sweeter scent over a more traditional one so this is perfect for the holiday season and is one that I will most probably be repurchasing soon.

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