Friday, 19 December 2014

Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray

When it comes to styling to heat products, I'm truly not fussed by which brand it is so long as it does the job and isn't too expensive. I've often repurchased the same heat defence for ages but in true beauty blogger style, I'm branching out and trying out different brands so I've settled with the Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray for the time being.

The Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray (£4.07) helps protect your hair against heat damage whether that be from an occasional blow dry to the frequent straightening from straighteners, it will protect it from heat up to 220ÂșC.

Unlike heat defences that I've used in the past which has had a nozzle, the Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray is more of a spritzer which doesn't really disperse a great deal of product into my hair. It also gets clogged up rather quickly so I'm forever running it under hot water to help get rid of it. I've read a few reviews that have said that it smells like fruity bubblegum whereas mine literally smells like a more traditional heat defence or it's actually gone off. With that being said, it does help protect my hair from heat but it doesn't necessarily help with the occasional frizz or give an unbeatable shine. Despite it being cheap as chips, I will not be repurchasing it and would much rather spend my money on something else that will do a few other things than just protecting my hair.

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